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08 Dec 2019
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swathi naidu · 354 Views

Foxtrot Six Official Trailer - 2019 Movie Trailer | Worth Watching It


Cast overview:
Oka Antara Oka Antara ... Angga
Verdi Solaiman Verdi Solaiman ... Oggi
Chicco Jerikho Chicco Jerikho ... Spec
Rio Dewanto Rio Dewanto ... Bara
Arifin Putra Arifin Putra ... Tino
Mike Lewis Mike Lewis ... Ethan
Miller Khan Miller Khan ... Indra
Edward Akbar Edward Akbar ... Wisnu
Julie Estelle Julie Estelle ... Sari Nirmala
Norman R. Akyuwen Norman R. Akyuwen ... Aula
Cok Simbara Cok Simbara ... Soeganda
Godfred Orindeod Godfred Orindeod ... Gecko
Willem Bevers Willem Bevers ... President Barona
Aurélie Moeremans Aurélie Moeremans ... Seargant Raya
Ario Prabowo Ario Prabowo ... Hengky

To be honest, 114 mins is too short, for me, Indian Movie audience, which they tend to have movie for 140++mins more or less. Haven't seen the trailer, haven't seen the synopsis. I found 'F6' in Twitterland, which from unknown account replying Oka's reply 'Foxtrot Six'.

Randy Korompis. Sulawesi, I guess. He is fan of Metal Gear Solid fan. --Okay, irrelevant. It was a nuisance to have Indonesian movie with full English dialogue. Maybe they have their reason, but it is showing we are capable to speak English, making Hollywood-like movies, and one more thing to be achieved, a successful movie.

Sorry if I am blabber about Indonesian Movies Industry. It was random and unpredictable.

What is good from this movie? CGI and VFX. It was a fun ride to watch made in Indonesia and has good CGI, although not better or as good as Hollywood, but we're making progress here. Characters. Oka Antara successfully portrayed Angga in his best. No background except his devoted love for Sari (Julie Estelle). Tino is the most bright and has sexy accent among all. Mysterious character like 'Spec' (Chicco Jerikho) supposed to be a key player, but with all mystery made it 'perfect'.

What need more elaboration or explanation? Story. Having 80 script over 3 years in the making was not easy role for Korompis, but to make it better, he needs to make a better detailed story or working together with screenplay or scriptwriter. It feels like 'Frankenstein'--if you get what I meant. Foxtrot. There is no explanation about the symbol--either a miss or a clue like Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marketing. Having MD as distributor and marketer surely escalating the chance and game, but it needs improvements, but kudos to F6, the sequel/prequel/spin-off will be easier to reach audiences.

What I like in this movie? Just Angga's grand introduction in dystopian setting. Having advanced technology like Stark in each movies. A melodramatic over 'found the lost one' and surprising fact. Awesome hunks. Well, who can resist if there is Arifin Putra, Oka Antara, Mike Lewis, Rio Dewanto and Chicco Jerikho in one screen and together pursuit one goal.

I can give 2 points for CGI and VFX. One for every main character, Oka have a plus. And one for Korompis. This is not a neutral judgement, I just feel proud that my country is capable of making such movie.

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08 Dec 2019
GET more and subscribe my official channel @
swathi naidu · 354 Views