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Terms of use

Vidoraa is free social video sharing platform users can upload, share and watch videos you can watch video without logging in you can access the video content free of cost without having account with us

Use of service
For uploading video content you must have a registered account with vidoraa as a visitor you will not able to upload video content being a visitor of the website you can only watch,share and download video content, being an uploader you allows viewers to download your video content

Distribution of the content
By making Your Content accessible on the Vidoraa, You agree to allow any Visitors of the Vidoraa , to view and to share Your Content through the Vidoraa video player on or through any declination of the Vidoraa Service, as accessible (online or offline) via any current or future device capable of distributing the Vidoraa videos by any means of access

Registration of account
Account registration is free of cost anybody can join vidoraa regardless of any country and race.

Copyrighted content
Vidoraa has very strict polices regarding copyright infringement we do have complete rights to delete your channel if we receive any copyright notification from copyright holder

Vidoraa allows content creators to monetized their videos you can join our monetization program anytime you want you must need to enable monetization from settings to receive ad revenues

Invalid clicks (self clicking)
Vidoraa does not allows publishers to click on ads we place on their videos, any incentive traffic or bot views are prohibited accounts which falls in these categories will lose their monetization ability and channel might get deleted

We process payments once in a month if you made $50 in first Month you will be paid in between 22nd to 30th of Second Month