There are over 14 million blogs in existence today with about 80,000 blogs coming into existence yesterday. Among the figure for new blogs of yesterday would likely be two of my new blogs that I floated yesterday. Like me and a lot of internet marketers and others seeking to make money online, blogging is an effective way to promote ideas, information, talk about your passion and make money.

Yes, you can make money from blogs if you do it right. Believe it or not some people actually gross six digit internet incomes from blogs. Please do not ask me if I belong to that class because I do not. However many others like me make a satisfactory steadily growing income from operating a string of blogs. This blog post is to introduce new bloggers and would be bloggers into the general concept of blogging as means to making money on the net.

Blogging was originally created to be an online diary allowing owners to post their views and opinions on certain topics and areas. In time the fad caught on and a lot of people especially celebrities started to keep blogs. Blogs could be on any topic and the owner has full control on the design, layout and content of his/her blog.

Because of their fresh regular content on blogs search engine spiders visit them regularly and index them high. People have seen this as an opportunity to create optimized blogs that attract a large volume of traffic. The commercialism of blogs involves using your high traffic blog to generate internet income. Using programs like Google AdSense you can have contextual ads placed on your website by Google. These ads are automatically chosen to be related to keywords placed on your site. You get paid a certain fee for any of the ads clicked. The more traffic the more possible clicks and earnings.

You can also use your blogs to advertise your products or other people's products that you are marketing as an affiliate. Once you can generate steady internet traffic you blog can become a powerful advertising and income generation tool for you. At this point I believe the right question should now be; is blogging for you? Watch out for future post!